Five Nights at JR’s

This awesome FNAF fan game brings the Freddy’s experience to an entire new level. JR’s is well made and plentifully frightful!

Horror Outro ►
Happy Outro ►


  1. Living la vida loca

  2. MOAR!!!!!

  3. yessss more episodes please

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  4. it may just be because I’m a degenerate, but does freddy have the same face as doctor livesay?

    new lore?

  5. Yes pls more!

  6. Jaden Don't Ask Me How


  7. so glad he’s playing this

  8. 30:24 now that one really got me

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  10. CaptainWarfare 1234

    OMG plz do more of these videos!!! I love the art style and the gameplay.

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