Ziryab: The World’s First Rock Star • Puppet History

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Watcher. A network from Steven Lim, Ryan Bergara, and Shane Madej.

Built and hosted by Shane Madej
Featuring: Ryan Bergara, Zach Kornfeld
Research: Liz Pierce
Writer: Garrett Werner
Editor: Josh Richardson
Camera Operator/Sound Mixer: Matt Real
Motion Graphics Animators: Mike Fox, Julia Capuano
Assistant Editor: Crystal Cheng
Additional Music By: Patrick Volker
Production Coordinator: Brittney Lee
Creative Director of Post Production: Anthony Frederick
Head of Development: Katie LeBlanc
Production Manager: Nicole Beaudoin
Executive Producers: Steven Lim, Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara, Katie LeBlanc

Music Provided by Audio Network
SFX by Audioblocks
Logo Designed by Jennet Liaw
Logo Sound Design by Yuta Endo (@yuuutaendo)


  1. A cool af gay girl asked me (also a gay girl) what I was watching and I quickly learned that there is no way I could think of to cooly describe this show lmao

  2. Don’t know how often this happens, but this is the first time I have noticed you guys on the “trending” page. Just wanted to say congrats.

  3. “More than open arms” …open… legs?

  4. A great song

  5. why,,,, is the oud australian HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  6. i am HERE for the (well deserved) rise of skywalker slander omfg


  8. “(The Emir) even gave salaries to Ziryab’s sons to ensure they wouldn’t take away from what he thought Ziryab deserved” did this guy basically just give his boyfriend’s sons an allowance?

  9. Please let Ryan win

  10. Bro the new star wars movies man XD Agreed on that. But inside Llewyn Davis was amazing

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