YouTubers Ruined my $1000 Tournament

Rekrap, Sandiction, Skipthetutorial, Yeah_Jaron, Jay_Moji, and SouliLayce join me in my yearly Youtuber challenge! This time the grand reward is $1,000 BUT thanks to a really beneficiant friend, that number gets much higher…

In addition, shoutout to my man PlanetLord for the Thumbnail inspo.



The official parkour warrior map is not public. Use at your own risk…


  1. I new two of the you tubers and those two where Sandiction and Skip the Tutorial

  2. make rekrap make a new video please

  3. 420k subs great job

  4. Hockey Player v1nce


  5. a famus quote „where is red?”

  6. I feel like sand should’ve gotten more points for finishing so far ahead

  7. For second one they could’ve just took it off the item frame

  8. Skip sounds different

  9. branzy on trending agian

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