YouTubers React To 10 Viral Videos From 10 Years Ago (Try Not To Feel Old Challenge)

YouTubers React To Try Not To Feel Old Challenge, featuring 10 Viral
Videos From 10 Years Ago. Watch to look at their reactions.

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YouTubers React To 10 Viral Videos From 10 Years Ago (Try Not To Feel Old Challenge)


  1. iJustine should have been on this. She`s been on YT since 2006

  2. china Anderson

    FBE hey get Madeleine Petsch on here plz I would love to see you guys feature her. She’s also a YouTuber ❤️and an amazing actress

  3. Care to react from my telekinesis channel?

  4. Youtubers React to their first videos!

  5. Im gonna need another round of botox after this?

  6. Ashreeti Sharma

    I was 8

  7. wayne zimmerman

    2009 was amazing for two musical miracles. One was Susan Boyle for whom success couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. The other was a young New Jersey girl who took to YouTube on the advice of a friend; starting an incredible career which would ultimately earn her a still fiercely loyal frand base of millions; as well as the respect of so many of her peers within the entertainment business. On this 10th anniversary of Christina Grimmie’s channel: zeldaxlove64, and with previously unheard music soon to be released (the first June 7th), I hope that FBE might consider doing a react video to the music and the life of this inspirational artist. Team Grimmie Strong and Rawwk Fingers Forever |/ . ?

  8. Omg the Smosh page!! ??? I’ve watched smosh since the very first video, I remember going to their page and it looking like that! I feel old af!

  9. Boyle 10 years ago man It feels like it was a few years ago. Did you all see the new guy on AGT he’s 22 and plays the piano and sings so awesomely ???

  10. Excuse me… Where is Fred?

  11. Idk why I’m expecting 009 sound system

  12. 10 years ago I was 4 ??

  13. *someone says ten years ago* that someone starts hearing Minecraft* creeper noises*

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