YouTuber Pub Golf! (GONE WRONG)

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  1. 0:24 That connection is immaculate.

  2. The world is harry’s playground

  3. Iono is an absolute callout to people streaming this game and is probably one of the best gym leaders weve gotten because of it

  4. Chip keep up the work rate boss wids are banging

  5. love your videos they make my day keep up the great work

  6. Love your videos! Your are an amazing youtube! Lets appreciate how hard he tries to entertain us

  7. What I find so interesting is that for a lot of people. Elden Ring was their game of the year, yet in every other category GoW Ragnarok took the cake. To me, that tells me this.
    Making the best possible game isn’t about Game Direction, Narrative, Art Direction, Music, or Audio Design.
    It’s about creating the most memorable experience possible. These things matter, of course, but they’re not everything. We don’t want an elevator, we want stairs. :-O

  8. i wonder if theo ever gets mistaken for snapshot eye o.o

  9. Chippo needed this after locked in

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