YouTube is Killing Twitch


  1. Elisabeth Andreassen

    As someone in a European time zone, watching vods is way easier on YT. Because most of the streamers I watch live in the US, they’re all 6-9 hours behind me. That means I can’t ever watch them live without having to stay up all night.
    I will say that the chatting function is way worse on YT, but that doesn’t effect me much because I end up watching the vods anyway 🤷‍♀️
    I didn’t watch streams before people started coming to YT. I only watch one person on Twitch (who gets an average of 20-25 viewers, so not anybody huge 😅)

  2. Twitch ads and the fact that you can’t see a preview while fast forwarding a VOD have lead me to never use it

  3. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Twitch is just killing itself… By spamming ads every 3 minutes

  4. Hey Lud! On the topic of offline chat, vtubers (yeah, yeah, what a weeb ik) actually schedule a “stream” months/ a year ahead and title the “stream” as offline chat and use it as a way for their community to have an offline chat here in YouTube.

  5. Catagories would be good for the Livestream tab, but it is also worth remembering that those recommendations are coming from your algorithm. I would assume the more you use the Livestream tab and click on things you’re interested in, the more it will be able to tailor its recommendations to you. Also, Youtube Livestreaming is still fairly new, perhaps they didn’t want the added complications of catagories while they iron out teething issues and optimise the algorithm?

  6. Youtube on Mobile is basically tik tok

  7. “Guitar shopping” 😉

  8. As other people said in the comments, Twitch has been killing themselves ever since they started having favourites for girls when it came to bans, and bannining people for literally the most shit reasons ever. Twitch has been doing down for many years now lol.

  9. Dall-E Monstrosit-E

    I’m glad I’m not a ninja fan, those people be downloading every live streaming service and jumping between them every year just to watch him

  10. 11:46
    I see the last dugong in japos.

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