YOUR MOMENT // Episode 5: Act II Kickoff – VALORANT

The second act of DIMENSION is here—ready to turn some heads? Clutch like a champion with new VCT Champions 2022 cosmetics, claim some new fabled Battlepass objects, and prove yourself in a fresh Ranked Act.



  1. Cypher Strikes Back

  2. Izza Kamal Haridhi


  3. I think Riot is promoting Cypher on this video because he has lowest pick rate in sentinels but YEAH , I’m very glad to see Cypher getting highlights, he deserves more and that cyber cage knife kill. Sheeesh! xD

  4. Finally cypher does not die in the end

  5. To all the cypher mains and cypher lovers i think its a sign ✨✨✨✨

  6. Quandale Dingleberry

    It was funny when Riot games banned someone participating in a competition because he t-bagged someone and called it “abuse” , even though Riot is facing a lawsuit for discrimination

  7. Finally Cypher have some kills

  8. Cypher went training on kj-raze bot last time

  9. this video have somany thing that happened in valorant like line up fade and the molly brim and the skye bird just destroy raze life

  10. “Yo want to play, lets…. “………”NO”

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