Your Dumb Ideas Broke My Game

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Your remarks are TERRIBLE, so lets try some of them in Minecraft to try to break my PC! Can you get enough points to beat me at my own game?

Large thanks to @FeritWolf95 for the Thicken Model!


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  1. João Vitor Mattioli

    Replace every dirt , stone , wood , webs , water , lava , sand , coal ores and amethyst into tnt and explode the tnts

  2. dominic caesar ok

    step 1 replace one minecraft file that has code and does not contain pictures and that is not the nuke and or tnt step 2 make a nuke that spawns 1000 tnt that will explode and make it also nuke all the files on your device you are doing this in

  3. dominic caesar ok

    idea 2 make a gun in minecraft that whenever it shoots deletes a minecraft(or computer) file that isnt a texture and shoot it 69 times

  4. @TheMythicalGrape my guy’s a genius xD

  5. Insanecraft modpack

  6. Make a repeat command block infinity spamming enter dragons! Ik it broke my world on my ps5

  7. Idea: google best ways to crash computer and do ALL OF THEM.

  8. 0:38 – Just give them an operator level that doesn’t allow them to use /stop! Remember, MC has four operator levels, IIRC the fourth one is the one with /stop

  9. I reember that tnt mod a long time ago when Dantdm did it

  10. PC. Xbox

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