You’ll Never Guess Where He’s Actually Hiding | Hidden in Plain Sight #3

This is Danny’s 3rd attempt at hiding from Jamie all day. Will he win this time?


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Did Danny find the perfect hiding spot? Will it be enough to hide from Jamie for 8 hours? Stay tuned for our most thrilling Hidden in Plain Sight yet!

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Vat19 is devoted to “interestingly incredible” gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making amusing commercials you will really want to observe, we produce astonishing challenge video clips, document our outrageous instruments, and invite you to a first row seat for our idiotic stunts. From time to time we blow things up, refill a tub or pool with insane things, dare one another to eat super highly spiced foods, and answer “searing questions” from our viewers.

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  1. Why am I wasting my time here?
    You too.


  3. Why do I feel like the boss is Michael Scott. And this is basically the office. Lol

  4. the_ pegasus_slime

    the boss cant cheat

  5. I love turning myself into a fridge for hide and seek

  6. Why can’t you guys do Jamie hides in plane sight

  7. What the fuck was the point of this video? This was about nothing. Fuck you. What a stupid god damn video. And it’s so fucking obvious that this is scripted. You should be flayed.

  8. 0:26 belt

  9. Hi Danny! (7:35)

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