You Say Electric Trucks Will Never Replace Gas Pickups: We Just Bought a Ford Lightning to Find Out!

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Yes, we just purchased a new 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning and we are starting our road trip from Michigan to Colorado.

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  1. Just a couple of sellouts selling themselves out as much as they can sell themselves out.

  2. Richard Mitchell

    STOP in DELTA JUNCTION ALASKA on your way . Would love to meet you guys . ITS the official end of the Alcan Highway . FAIRBANKS IS NOT THE END OF THE ALCAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Buying a new car is an amazing experience. I miss it.

  4. Roman, watching your body and breathing and worried. Please take better care of yourself, brother. Always love your reviews and production is top knotch. Excited to see you guys play in the EV world. I’m a pre-order Rivian but still waiting and looking at the Lightning and hoping Toyota will get off their buttocks!

  5. Trying to pull the wool over the consumers eyes with the little gadgets on that pussy truck doesn’t make up for the time spent on your ass waiting for the vehicle to charge to do what you need to do.

  6. What a g** vehicle.

  7. Hope you have a lot of AA batteries

  8. ☆xXFandomNerdXx☆

    One of the things I have been curious about has been is how much range would be lost with a pop up truck camper versus a small light travel trailer. I have a trailer now and have been looking at pop up ones and then also slide in truck campers since I think the aerodynamics will be more important than weight at highway speeds.
    The dealer that had my reservation went out of business a couple weeks ago, so I have to find a new one unless Ford wants to just send me this Blue Lariat ER with the max cooling. Call ahead so I can have the check ready

    Before I go look at a map, I’m going to say you will have to go through Indiana to get to Illinois

  9. Love it! This will be the number 1 EV in the world!

  10. ☆xXFandomNerdXx☆

    Can’t wait to see it off roading, I wonder if it’ll be any different from a normal f150

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