You People | feat. Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill | Official Trailer | Netflix

A new couple learns that opposites attract but some households do not when they find themselves opposing their parent’s clashing views of their partnership in this comedy authored by Jonah Hill and Kenya Barris. You People featuring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, David Duchovny, and Nia Long with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Eddie Murphy comes to Netflix on January 27.

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You People | feat.
Households and cultures clash when two LA millennials from different backgrounds fall in love and face the utmost partnership test: meeting the parents.


  1. A lot of my favorite actors in this movie it’s good to see Julia Dreyfuss

  2. King Charles Ron Vlaanderen

    Movies like this are dangerous to society

  3. I want to watched it now but I have to wait

  4. What song is that

  5. How dumb.. SJW BS

  6. Discussing this Movie It Suppoused To Be .. Black Man On Love With White.. Or as Brown Man behalf of black people are we threaded like s..t

  7. This looks so forced and whack. Like so freaking forced. And y’all are sucking on it hard, it’s crazy.

  8. I’m so sick of the movies that are about interracial dating always the same narrative…white man black woman never the other way around except jungle fever directed by spike lee

  9. 1967, 2005, 2023 mix couples are still a surprise in the us of a.

  10. He said I’m white cuz lmao

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