“You Never Give Me Your Money / The End”

“You Never Give Me Your Money / The End” – a tribute to The Beatles – is out on all digital platforms. Crush the link below to pre-order the vinyl and support Doctors Without Borders!
Music Video Directed & Edited by @Taylor Stephens

Pre-order the 7″ vinyl!
Listen to the single on Spotify!

Listen to the single on Apple Music!


  1. My favorite Beatles cover.ever.

  2. EmperorsNewnewGroove

    When they ripped off their masks I felt that. Thank the gods this pandemic will end eventually.

  3. Chonkerton 7417


  4. Joseph van Wyk

    3:06 – what a way to start the weekend.

  5. SuperYoutubaki

    Oh that drum solo *chef’s kiss*

  6. The battery is perfect hahahaha

  7. Oh man I thoroughly enjoyed this.

  8. Really phoning it in… sounds likes like it was made in half an afternoon.

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