you look truly fatigued

would love to go to snoozetown.
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  1. This speaks to me

  2. I opened YouTube to this this morning after I was woken up 3 hours earlier than I was expecting.

  3. not the point of the video at all but that jacket looks sick as hell. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. You bastard… I’m In … again!

  5. this very specifically replicates the experience of dreaming that you’re awake and then abruptly find out that no, you are definitely not awake yet

  6. happy world sleep day I guess

  7. i like this one

  8. me once i clock out of work

  9. why is bdg allowed to be himself and also be able to grow a wonderful full beard at the same time it’s not fair

  10. very good thank you brian

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