You Don’t Need to Worry About Yellowstone (or Any Other Supervolcano)

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You’ve most probably heard that the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park is a ticking time bomb good to go off anytime. But as it turns out, volcanologists are not too concerned about it.

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon

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  1. Have this lady host every episode. She does a great job

  2. You just proved all of your other videos wrong that claim CO2 emissions will increase Earth’s temperature. ? 11:22


    Then how did the camels of n. America went extinct ?

  4. Great video. A small correction though. There has been a major extinction event linked to a supervolcano. Actually, the largest mass extinction in earth history, the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event, is believed to have been caused by the eruption that created the Siberian Traps during it’s over 2 million year eruption. That mantel hotspot is where Iceland is today, though it’s unlikely it will erupt again unless earth gets struck by a very large meteorite since that is hypothesized to be a cause of Large igneous provinces, which is the other form of supervolcanoes that is not the explosive type like Yellowstone, at the antipode of the impact crater like the one that created the Siberian Traps.

  5. This Fuckikn Guy Guy

    Not even if n Korea sends a nuke there?

  6. Wow. I sure do see a lot of hysterical questions on the Quora site… Especially while Kilauea was burping last summer.

  7. This video is garbage, and makes me more concerned. When some nose ringed tattoo covered “scientist” tells you not to worry… worry.

  8. Coltafanan Studios

    Lol this comment section is gold

  9. God please let yellowstone go off

  10. No don’t worry at all…… Ebola’s coming soon

  11. Ahhh yeah, they are something we have to worry about

  12. Yay Taupo 🙂

  13. Phillip Riggins

    Great video footage, thanks for sharing your video with us

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