You Can’t Play Destiny Today Unless You Do This First

This is a crisis forwarning that bungie put out to tell players last minute that they can not play today unless they do this on account of a bug they just discovered on xbox.

Hola chicos, están aquí para jugar mañana. Resulta que hay un mistake que puede impedir que juegues. Esto solo debería afectar a los jugadores de xbox series x y xbox series s. No podrás conectarte a los servidores de Bungie. Hay una manera fácil de determinar si tiene este blunder. Si inicia el juego y llega al servidor sin conexión, entonces está listo para comenzar mañana. Si dice conectarse en la parte inferior derecha sin parar, no puede jugar mañana a menos que administre sus complementos. Debes desinstalar jokers wild, penumbra, forsaken yearly pass, affliction of osiris y warmind y luego guardar los cambios. Te mostraré cómo en este clip. Después de que se desinstalen, puedes salir del juego y reiniciarlo. Si se hace correctamente, ahora debería llegar al mensaje de servidor fuera de línea.


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  1. IF YOU ARE ON PS4 YOU MUST LOG INTO THE GAME AND MAKE IT TO TITLE SCREEN. It will automatically make you download extra content. Download those to play today.
    Update: If you still can’t connect you might have them on external AND internal storage. Make sure to check those. If it still doesn’t work you will need to uninstall any add-on that has forsaken on it, the awoken legend set, caydes exotic stash, black armory, salute emote, the coldheart, black armory, and kill tracker ghost add ons. Uninstalling these add-ons shouldn’t remove your dlc content. Uninstall all pre-beyond light ones if you have to. All add-ons if you are still having trouble. Then restart your xbox. You can reinstall your add-ons later if they are needed which is not always the case.
    Not only did PS5 have issues, but there will be a lot of Xbox players tomorrow wondering why they can’t play.

  2. so basically what you are telling me is that, I payed 80 dollars and waited all day to get off work to then sit in front of my xbox staring at a load screen for over an hour to be told that I have to uninstall shit and wait till tomorrow. dude bungie better apologize for this bullshit. “oh sorry you can’t play right now go get rid of shit and wait bitch” fucking bullshit bro.

    • but honestly thank you, I do really appreciate this video. it is just annoying that I have to wait even more despite preordering and everything.

  3. Yeah im on xbox and this fix didn’t work for me its the evening of feb.28 and i still haven’t fucking played lightfall, I uninstalled all those old DLC and relaunched destiny and its not launching for me even after trying bungies supposed fix…. I payed for this content months ago you better get your shit in gear bungie i expect this shit to be fixed in the next couple days bungie and im sure other people do to.

  4. Ive done this (3) times on Xbox series X and it does not work. I cannot play past the first mission. And yes, they did charge my account for the $100 preorder. I was able to play the first mission but after that, everything is locked. I even did a console reset which did not work. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

  5. Kodi St. Martin

    Still can’t sign in but I appreciate the video!

  6. Not working for me

  7. Can sombody help me please 🙏

  8. i don’t have half of these anyways and it’s still not working what do i do

  9. I don’t even play the game and I respect this.

  10. Xbox only problem KEKW

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