YIAY have a statement

Tickets go on sale Friday!! REEEEE http://www.jacksfilmslive.com


  1. Deja vu


  3. That beard is so cool

  4. the beard is necessary for a successful live show

  5. If it does become a tour he better come to Virginia. For some reason it feels avoided by all tours.

  6. Man I’d totally go and watch and/or play them shits.

  7. You could of just made it 2 seconds longer

    So close to success

  8. i wanna go to the *_RISKEYYY_* yiay live but im
    a bic boi

  9. This is gonna crash and burn, but at least it will be funny!

  10. Ah finally, Jack has come out the closet. Good for you buddy. You should tell Erin soon

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