Yellowstone flooding takes out bridge, washes out streets

Major flooding swept away at least one bridge, washed away streets and set off mudslides in Yellowstone National Park on Monday.


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  1. start respecting mother nature.

  2. puts drought here on hold at least.

  3. A federal emergency will be declared. And very conservative western states affected by this natural disaster will suddenly become dependent on the government in order to help them recover. Or in other words, California’s federal taxes will bail out neighboring conservative states…. again.

  4. Happens but most people will blame global warming tho

  5. Is the Dutton ranch ok?

    • The Dutton Ranch isn’t even anywhere near the park they film that fraud of a show in the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula Montana.

  6. Owen Meksomphone

    if it’s happened before, it could happen again.
    I live in Los Angeles County, Ca. Any day now could another big earthquake happen.

  7. Steven Winterhill

    Fixed by Wednesday??
    Maybe Wednesday of next month

  8. Closed until at least Wednesday????

  9. 4k Family Fun Walk

    I was so lucky went to Yellowstone National Park on weekend of June 4th 5th 6th a week ahead before flooding and pass by Montana too. Also made alot of videos from Yellowstone National Park too!

  10. Does it look like climate change, republicans ?

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