Yelawolf x Caskey “Million Dollar Deal” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Yelawolf x Caskey “Million Dollar Deal” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Directed by: @Zevxyork
Song produced by: @taystybeats
Production co: Burn the boats / BTB Partners
Yelawolf Blacksheep Album
Copyright 2021 Slumerican & Black Sheep


  1. That’s some real shit

  2. Amazing.

  3. Slumerican 😎

  4. 🌻

  5. Never ceases to amaze me, how many different ways these artists can rap about drugs, sex, money and murder.

  6. Money is only good while society is functioning. When war is upon us, it’s everyday goods and necessities that are king. Cigarettes, liquor, silk stockings, steak will be worth more than drugs n guns. As well as precious metals(copper, gold, platinum and connective materials for robotics n engineering)and stuff like radio crystals. If you have influence, peace and order, will come at a price you can profit from as well. Nothing is free and favours count for something…

  7. Get thicker souls, this vid has none.

  8. The musicality and lyrical thought from 3 years ago to now is stultifying. Either Yela fired some very key people or he just had a brain meltdown. I dont know the artist that put out this crap and the stuff I fell in love with, the comparison is night and day.

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