Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card full game highlights from 10/5/21.

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  1. Jonathan McCully

    You can’t construct a team that does nothing but swing as hard as they can. They have a million strikeouts, a ton of solo home runs, they can’t run the bases, they can’t run period, they can’t manufacture runs, they can’t do anything. This team has major, serious issues where the only remedy is to thoroughly deconstruct it. Get rid of everyone except Judge. After the 2022 season when he becomes a FA at 31 and wants 10 years for 400M, let him walk. Get guys in there that can hit .300, manufacture runs, and know how to play the damn game! Go look at the 90’s Yankees for some reference on how to build winning teams!

  2. GO Home Yankees

  3. Gerrit Cole = Overrated, overpaid

  4. When Cole can’t cheat, he’s mediocre. Take it from a Pirates fan.

  5. My WORST year alive got a little better tonight! Thx BoSox!!!

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