Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch

Tune in for a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct presentation featuring roughly 20 minutes of info about the forthcoming RPG adventure for Nintendo Switch.


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  1. Wtf are Melia and Nia doing

  2. Love Xenoblade and JRPGs in general. The character models look great and have some fantastic animation work. But as soon as I see those textures it feels like Xbox 360 land, and hey, the Xbox 360 is cool, but I really can’t help but wonder what Monolith Soft could do with a PS5/PC

  3. is it just me or does Gray sound like Yura the Finger-hunter from Elden Ring?

  4. Nintendo really going all out advertising this game

  5. Cutscane before battle always epic but when in real battle looks junks you must be change battle gamelplay likes tale of series

  6. Lunatic 0verlord

    18:28 What’s so spoilerific about that one?

    Is it Elma or something?

  7. Hopefully any RNG elements aren’t as ridiculous as XC2.

  8. I wished to like this game more.

  9. 17:54 Bruh moment

  10. Damn ! Now I see why y’all have this it’s own direct. The game looks so sick

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