Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?

Ordinarily, the answer would be no. But in these really restricted circumstances, at Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, you can swim in geothermal power station wastewater, and it is even healthy: even though the advertising material does not normally mention it. Here is a narrative about geothermal energy, cheap heat, and how to keep some ducks warm.




Research on Blue Lagoon and a skin condition: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0738-081X(96)00099-5


  1. One thing I couldn’t fit into my script: the pipeline expands by around several metres along its length when it’s in use, because of the hot water running through it. The big boxes along the way are expansion joints and supports to allow it to move! As ever, all my sources are in the description.

  2. I would

  3. I’m sold. Next trip is to Iceland. Got to get some frozen stuff from there.

  4. We used to drink bore water all the time in lightning ridge, Tastes gross, very heavy, but never had any issues.. yet.

  5. 3:14 “… the ice was strong enough to safely walk on …”

    Disclaimer: Tom is not an authority on whether it is safe to walk on a frozen lake.

  6. Isn’t there a pandemic on

  7. even knowing this fact when i was there swimming in the blue lagoon, i will say it is still an amazing place to have a soak.
    and i would recommend doing at least ones.

  8. I wouldn’t call Icelandic air exactly fresh. 😀 Unless you’re near the coastline and the wind is blowing from the ocean.

  9. The cooling water is twice isolated from the radioactive water. The radioactive water where the core is transfers its energy to different water what rotates the turbines. The cooling water is separate from that water. I thin wit coal it is somewhat similar, especially as water is bad for burning.

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