Worst MMO Ever? – Star Wars: The Old Republic


Somehow, Palpatine brought back.

The old Republic is a Star Wars MMO by Bioware, the studio behind Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic.

So we know they can make RPG’s, but can they make MMO’s?

eh, kind of, they have fundamentally put an RPG on-line, and it is…pretty good.

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  1. You actually did used to need to go to your ship to travel to other planets. And leveling used to be challenging. And flashpoints required other players without bot fill. It was all reworked to streamline the whole game for the spastic youths of today.

  2. One correction. This isn’t a Bioware game. Because actual Bioware died a long time ago! None of the people that made great games is there anymore. This is just a hollow shell of the Bioware from the past. It’s EA wearing a Bioware skinsuit and cashing in on the Name! It’s a pure coincidence that this still feels more like Star Wars than any of the Disney movies!

  3. I love this game

  4. Burgess Awaits

    It needs a serious makeover

  5. Worst MMO Ever? Hahaha. There are a few from 1990 – 2000 I could name for you, young one. That would blow your conception of WORST like this SWTOR. They would make this one seem like a candy filled Halloween compared to a true Horrific MMO.

    Shall I get started, or do you want to search for yourself? Also, there’s some sequels to main MMOs that should remain buried too. UO2, AC2, EQ Online Adventures… good lord man. Just wanting to name some has me quickly washing my thoughts of what nightmares I could truly remember.

  6. A lot of the issues you bring up is because of dumbing down the game got at some point: flashpoints interrupting narrative flow, unengaging and easy combat, mechanics being thrown at you and more are all a result of streamlining which was great for existing players but ruin the experience for new or returning player.

  7. Disruptive_Innovator

    34:00 Oh dear, did the late game galactic star fighter sub-game completely replace the early ship Star Fox rail shooter sub-game? I bet that isn’t explained!

  8. Jefferson Montoya

    I can’t be the first person to point out that Han Solo only wanted to be a smuggler but was largely deterred from that.

  9. this is as always a pretty fair review even as someone who keeps his sub running as a backup game lol. all of the stories are pretty good but occasionally during the story a couple of them breifly fall off. mercenary has this problem about 1/4-1/2 through their story. but by the end all of them are cool. but honestly…k, honestly who plays a star wars game and doesnt play a jedi or sith? lol

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