Worst MMO Ever? – Sherwood Dungeon


Sometimes, the past should stay in the past.

I never played this as a kid, so I haven’t ruined any old memories, I’ve just created terrible new ones.

Strangely despite being called Sherwood, there are surprisingly few references to Robin Hood.

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  1. 2:23 – By saying “please, don’t make me play this” about Club Marian, you realize you’ve sealed your fate, right?

  2. Please play the game you don’t want to play.

  3. Oh man, does this take me back! By the way, it was made by one guy, not a team. At least, it was only just one guy when I played it as a child.

  4. We’re men! Men in tights!
    Love Mel Brooks.

  5. Omg Strife, I’m going to be waiting for a vid about Heartwood Online as it grows!!

  6. fun fact, this game was made by one guy

  7. Holy shit I’ve been thinking about this game for years and couldn’t remember the name. Back when I played this game there was literally nothing to do, no skills, just attack, it felt like an alpha to the alpha of a game

    It was on one of those “top mmo” sites which also led me to Knight Online and Runescape

  8. “Please don’t make me play this”
    Is this reverse psychology Josh, do you actually want to play it but don’t want to admit it?

  9. …….I can’t read the text file at the end…..

  10. Big fan from Brazil here Josh. In south America RF online was a famous mmorpg in 2010, would be great to see you talk about it

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