Worst MMO Ever? – Bless Unleashed


Not Bless, or Bless mobile, or Bless Online, or Bless Remastered, or the first edition of Bless Unleashed, no this is the Unreal Engine 4 edition of the Bless Unleashed remake on steam. See, not perplexing at all.

Join me as I punch a wolf, clip inside a tree then endure 10 hours of Bless, one of the most mediocre MMO’s ever made.

Also at level 30 there is coerced PVP but you can pay real cash to not be assaulted, so that’s nice.

Many thanks to the Patreon proponents and Twitch subs who keep the channel alive!


  1. tbh the community moderator having a meme for a pfp is only a plus for me

  2. idk how to tell you this, Josh, but that’s Chinese…

  3. I was enjoying the early-game experience well enough but I’m glad I watched this and caught the warning about the ‘forced PVP at level 30’ thing, saved me a lot of time and disappointment – though that dungeon experience looked so miserable I would probably have quit at that point regardless lmao

  4. The employee profile pic who posted the drop rates just took a selfie while he was reading all the drop rates, looks good to me!

  5. It looks like since the game has been sold the quality has gone down. I did not experience any audio issues and things it didn’t feel laggy at all. I had 240 hours (as mage) in it before I stopped playing at end game and it was pretty enjoyable. While the game doesn’t do anything great, I think there are some things it did well. I played at release so the experience I had was with that 70k people and it was around 15-20k when I stopped.

    The world bosses were an awesome experience. The nightmare world bosses were one hell of a challenge and very gratifying to beat.
    The dungeons (everything wasn’t one shot in the beginning) were very good dungeons and fun. Good solid mechanics.
    The combat / combo system was fun and very fluid.
    People crying about the PVP never played long enough to get to PVP. There were PVP zones, and it was pretty chill mostly unless you were out looking for PVP. Fun to meet with people to 1v1 and practice for arena.

    Some of the bad JSH didn’t get to experience is the upgrade system, while not AS bad as say BDO, it’s still not good.
    There are (or were) definite P2W elements with the Blessings, and other aspects that were removed in the first month after it was being abused.
    The arena play was about as unbalanced as you could get. If you weren’t priest or ranger it was pointless.
    Devs were slow to fix RMT and they shut the auction house off for an extended period of time which is what I believed was the final nail in the coffin of running everyone off.
    Devs made multiple errors with giving out rewards for incorrect amounts, and punished players for it after they caught the error and corrected it.

  6. 11:17 … Come on Josh. Already making rookie mistakes. How can you not tell the difference between Korean & Chinese by now, after all the crap you’ve played.

  7. “You are Bless. This is unleashed. Go and unleash your bless!” Lol

  8. Josh: “Is this really the level of company representation you want when reading a legal document?”
    Me: Absolutely

  9. 24:00 until the 8 level cap this actually looked good. but i prefer mmos with a decent crafting system and not being able to craft lower level gear just because you are not able to farm material and you are forced to buy from other players (or worse, make a new character just to farm), is a bad design choice.

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