World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker…There Can Be Only One.

So I got a build project that needs a forte gas tank and more.

Watch MORR Videos:
24 Hour Rescue, The Most EXHAUSTING Recovery EVER!

This Part Ruined All My Work!
Everything Wrong With The World’s Largest Off Road Wrecker!

Over Loaded! Trevor Almost Arrested For Filming.

This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things!

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Thanks for viewing, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recuperation!


  1. Ok the Ed squeaking chair just obliterated me. crying laughing here. what a funny guy.

  2. I really like the progress of “The Harvester of Sorrows” ready to see it harvest some sorrows off road..looking good 👍

  3. Robert w Jones II

    Those tow hooks are made by international harvester sometime during WW2 there rated at 13500lbs

  4. Is it just me or does Trevor look a lot like Prince Vultan (leader of the Hawkmen) from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie?

  5. Dream catcher Wolf

    We need more videos

  6. Dream catcher Wolf

    Lol I’m addicted to these videos

  7. 22:01 So why not justre-lable the guage?

  8. Eyes Matt! Eyes!

    • Telegram 👉 matts off offical

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  9. Righteous Fun Vids Matt!!! I enjoy Them 😉

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