World’s LARGEST JELLO POOL- Can you swim in Jello?

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High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.

0:03 – Arrow – Andrew Applepie
0:31 – Cereal Killa – Blue Wednesday
2:14 – Faidherbe Square – Proleter
3:58 – Arrow – Andrew Applepie
4:39 – Sappheiros – Falling (ft eSoreni)
5:22 – Pokemon in NYC ft Missy – Andrew Applepie
7:24 – New Shoes – Blue Wednesday
8:02 – Inspiring Cinematic Trailer in
8:21 – Arrow – Andrew Applepie
8:36 – Pata Pata – Matt Chene
10:08 – Q – Blue Wednesday
11:09 – Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

Summary: Since I was a little child I always wondered what it would be like to swim in a pool of Jello. Turns out it is really difficult. We heated up the Gelatin in 55 gallon drums and then used gravity to put that jello into the pool.

They are soft-


I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:


  1. Looks like a blood bath at the end.

  2. #unimpressed 05

    When I watch this all I think about is the scene in cloudy with a chance of meatballs.. I guess

    Also the bee movie were he goes into the honey pool. That should be the next video, honey pool :))

  3. Cortney Chandler

    Fill a pool with ooblec

  4. Hey mark you should do a thing like with the darts. Its when u throw a baseball like a pitcher and you make a mechanical arm (i guess) that is a catchers mit and it just catches balls and the it tells you if its a strike or not

  5. Hey! I like that kids Grateful Dead T- shirt 🙂

  6. I want to put my cock inside there.

  7. So my budding (10 years old) engineers first question when the t-Rex faded to Norton VPN : “Dad how did they clean it up?”

    Our first idea was dissolving it with hot water and a sump pump into the the sewer. But the septic truck works if you want to clean up to go faster than the setup.

  8. Brendan Cavaciuti

    How has no one noticed your brother is DevinSuperTramp? 9:40

  9. Ever thought of doing this in an indoor pool?

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