WOOD FIRED “HIPPIE” HOT TUB JACUZZI | Fishing & Smoking Wild Salmon – Chanterelle Hunting – Ep. 143

WOOD FIRED “HIPPIE” HOT TUB JACUZZI | Fishing & Smoking Wild Salmon – Chanterelle Hunting – Ep. 143

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  1. Theresa Fitzpatrick

    @Terry Robinson that’s OK, she will be adding more with more details.

  2. @RainBelle Drops a mother of four children is what I am and nasty people should think about what they are saying before coming on other peoples account makeing things up that they know nothing about Nicole and Jake are very happy people should leave them alone I don’t understand why bother watching someone you don’t like mind boggling really is

  3. Moo pie?

  4. You could try to train your dogs to find the best mashrooms, i think that could be fun for them, there is even a dog breed with that purpose the Lagotto Romagnolo.

  5. Jonathan, welcome to the OLWJAN family!


    muito topp …esse estilo de vida …parabensss

  7. Anthony Stubblefield

    Beautiful sexy momma!

  8. Thank you this was an excellent video. Never fails, my spirits are lifted whenever I watch your videos. Bringing hope and vision to so many with your decision to live off-grid!! So inspiring!

  9. Put a big fish head about 20cm below your tomato seedlings when planting out.

  10. Love this video! I am also a jack of all trades in nursing lol. I also have always felt this is a compliment however in this specialized world not so much for me, yet anyway.

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