witty animal tales




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  1. They did memegid to dirty, i think his dog is beautiful

  2. Meme ` oh my dog ran away’ Nadwe ` my cat tried killing itself’

  3. I have a funny animal story. So I was pooping and then the door it slowly creeks open a small black figure comes in the bathroom it comes out the darkness and its my cat. This has not once but multiple times.

  4. Why you always bullying batman god

  5. John simone Marcelino

    Meme’s dog is same dog ours

  6. Hello socks love your vid’s keep it up

  7. Socks… once you start playing games again… I dare you to play Minecraft but in Ohio.

  8. Yessssssss your back

  9. Pio Jayson Quiambao

    He don it again he say he will do it in another vid and it’s funny

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