without exaggeration nobody recollects Sky High

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  1. You crazy if don’t think we remember thus should’ve been more movies though but idk they might would’ve messed it up idk how idk why the other sequels would’ve been eh just like a second megamind movie it would’ve felt forced that’s the word but yea glad it was only one movie thinking about it

  2. I can’t understand why the entire movie basically turned against Will for defending himself when Warren tried to kill him with fire in the lunchroom. Will literally was just running around frantically doing things on the fly because he was about to be destroyed, and the school was like “nyeh nyeh you’re in big trouble” and his mother’s like “nyeh nyeh grounded or something for trying to not get grilled alive”.

    Like really. Should Will have just stood there and gotten charbroiled? Dumbasses.

  3. Guess it depends on when you started liking the superhero genre. Sky High was not my superhero moment.

  4. Elk Plays Stuff

    I forgot about this movie, I liked this a lot. Another movie that is similar to this is Up, Up and Away

  5. i loved this movie man, great vid

  6. Sky high ? You mean My Hero Academia !

  7. i remeber when this came out and during summer break from school , it really didnt miss at all , miss stuff like this

  8. My first reaction to the video title was a mildly offended “but I own the DVD” (bought as an adult)

  9. Cannot relate to this video title because I’m 30 and not a day goes by when I don’t think about this movie

  10. “Literally no one remembers Sky High”

    I remember it Alex! I would like the title changed to “Literally no one remembers Sky High (Except Hoody)”

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