Will it Black an Entire Aluminum Part?

The answer is not really. Well not the way you might expect.
That, or I did it completely wrong.


  1. As an engineer, your deburring can is 100% too large.

  2. As always Tony, another solidly informational and entertaining video. Please keep’em coming. P.S. I think you need to build yourself a variable speed, drum-type, rotary deburring, cleaning, and polishing set up. Hint, hint……

  3. Do more videos please, it does not have to be an actual topic though, just go get the cameras, turn them on, and just talk about anything.
    It feels like a big event when you upload something new, so do it more often.

  4. Watching This Old Tony dunk those beautiful parts in the cold blue solution was like watching The 8-Bit Guy going at a rare IBM machine with a paperclip.

  5. Around 5:33 I blew my breakfast bread through my nose, not much of it back on the plate. 😂

  6. This video is the like the sad after effect of one of those “this is what fat cat anodisers don’t want you to know” adverts.

  7. Some finishes need to breathe.

  8. This was 20min of pure ToT fun. I love it so much

  9. Always enjoy TOT no matter to subject always get a chuckle and an education Thanks for sharing. Good to see you. G W

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