Will It BBQ? Taste Test

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Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones https://www.bluemic.com/mouse/


  1. Jake Newland-Griffin

    as an australian i see no reason to say that the grill is not the bbq to me the bbq is the whole machine the grill is the spaced metal grid you cook on and the solid metal plate side is the plate you cook eggs and melt cheese onto you patty you americans make arguments over everything a bbq is a cooking style & the machine you use to cook a bbq

  2. Mytic Na Ako HAHAHA….

  3. Mad fellows

  4. Will it Slurpie/Slushi,Will it Origami/Gymp

  5. I love watching this in Australia where we are experiencing one of the coldest starts to winner we’ve had in many many years… it snowed… in Queensland… IT DOESN’T SNOW IN QLD… EVER… I’m 20 and live in QLD and have never seen snow before!

  6. My teacher loves ur vids sooooooooooooo much haha ?


  8. I felt bad for the vending machine, it did its best

  9. Matthew Conway

    Watermelon doesn’t come from a fruit tree…?

  10. Elijah Fazon-Ruiz

    Link casually taps on watermelon to see if steak is done

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