Will Buying Youtube Ads Save My DEAD Channel?

Will Buying Youtube Ads Save My DEAD Channel? Suscríbete a @JackSucksAtEspañol! @i @JackSucksAtLife @JackSucksAtStuff @Jack Massey Welsh @JackSucksAtGeography @JackSucksAtClips

business e-mail: jack @ skycade . net

JackSucksAtLife, known as Jack Massey Welsh began his Youtube channel playing Minecraft and making witty Minecraft video clips. More recently he is known for his Youtube Play Button & Youtube Awards collection. Jack Massey Welsh holds a Guinness World Record for how many Youtube Channels he possesses. Jack has one more Youtube Channel called JackSucksAtStuff where he uploads even more Youtube Play Button video clips and witty video clips about Youtube in general.


  1. im sure there’s a lot of 18-34 year old spanish fathers that want to see your videos

  2. Google is a robbing everyone.

  3. you accidentally targeted “parents” not the “not parents”

  4. Let Your L⚡️GHT Forever Shine ❤️

    negative/unoriginal youtube content = zombie viewers.

  5. Him accidentally adding it as parent bugs me so much

  6. Thanks for sharing. Added my full support as well 🤝🎁👍🏻. Stay connected. Love and greetings from USA 🇺🇸 ❤️Like *

  7. i’m a female viewer ;-; f

  8. You can try advertising on facebook? see if that works xD i doubt it


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