Why Y’all Doing Me Like This

Why Y’all Doing Me Like This
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  1. I miss these videos! ❤

  2. Absolutely disgusting keep doing this the internet will troll you and keep giving you views but you will die fat and alone so ya know keep up pigging out on camera 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Just eating for no reason litrally

  4. Sweetie, the reality is u will die an early death if u keep eating the way u do… u have to balance ur diet better and cut ur portions down, eat more healthy than the bad… so if u truly love ur life, u would be wise and take heed.

  5. Loving your hair


  7. Please please stop doing this to yourself for likes , at the end of all this it’s only YOU who will be laying up in bad health because of poor choices like this on eating for fame 😢.. you are eating yourself into your grave 😢😢😢!!! You are a very beautiful women and I can tell you are high spirited …. But please step back and take care of your health and not worry about the game and money …..

  8. No Face No Case

    Prevention is better than cure.

  9. Honestly maybe switch up the foods you are eating … people don’t come to watch you just eat fatty foods .. they come for YOU. You can do cooking videos etc. You don’t have to destroy your health for YouTube . Understanding it’s good money but like I said we come for YOU. Not just because you eat seafood

  10. What blows me is because I thought she had gotten a tummy tuck or some other work done?! Why do that to pack the pounds back on?

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