Why We’re Gone?

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Where have we been?? This is where! Around the world and back- missed you all.

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Edited by Colin Spencer Steingard- https://www.colinsteingard.com

Our Journey! How did we get here?
In the winter of 2019 we moved in to our self built van full time to begin living, working and travelling Canada. We quickly fell in love with chasing our dreams of adventuring off the beaten path, living off grid and being self sustaining. We drove our van thousands of miles through various countries-Canada, USA, Mexico & Guatemala. All of which we documented here on our channel, be sure to check that out! After many years on the open road we found ourselves 15 acres of remote woods on the East Coast of Canada where we are building a homestead and renovating our fully off the grid cabin. We are diving into this chapter of our lives in no experience, we’re so happy we can bring you all along as we learn to do it all with our own two hands. Thank you for being here with us for cabin life, van life and all the in between!

3+ Years of Van life with 2 dogs
Off- Grid Living at our Cabin in the woods

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MUSIC: Brought to you by Music Bed- Elevate your films & projects with better music http://share.mscbd.fm/vanwives​​​​​​​​

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  1. this is where we have been the last two Sundays!!!!!! Missed you all 💛 anyone else feel like crystal at 16:20? See you NEXT Sunday

    • I love your videos. So happy you had a fabulous vacation with friends and family. The cabin and grounds look fantastic. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Well Done ❤

    • Two weeks without you.
      It’s great to know my four favourite ladies have had a fantastic time. ❤❤❤❤.

    • I’m with Bella and Izzy. My day is more better (😉) when the pack is reunited! 🐾

    • Crystal, have you heard of cinnamon basil? It’s crazy amazing, the aroma of the leaves are wow, I hope you get a chance to grow some, great for cooking.

    • And lemon cucumbers, so special, eat them whole, like an apple, slices in water is extra refreshing, salads are better, so satisfying

  2. I’d like a vacation too. It’s a year I’ve been working on my house, the new wood floors are in. I’m down to sanding and painting the kitchen cabinets so the countertops can be installed. You two are still an inspiration. Part of my house is 100 years old the other part is new, it’s only 75 years old. Enjoy live from Carmel Valley California. Stuart

  3. Ps. It’s great seeing your folks here commenting on your cast of characters.

  4. Greetings from Amsterdam!!!

  5. had you stayed home you would have seen it.

  6. I love how excited the dogs was to see u. So cute amd such a good feeling that your animal loves u unconditionally. My dog the same thing but she does everytime i leave but the longer im gpne the more love i get

  7. Hope you’re doing good after the storm ☔️. Stay safe

  8. Missed you four! Wear eye protection when weed eating, it WILL fling rocks to your face and blind you. I’ve had my safety glasses broken, knocked from my face, and my face made bloody from flung materials.

  9. Ohh what a pleasant surprise, no wonder we didn’t hear from y’all til now hahaha. Great work as always👍👍

  10. Yall tan make yall glow

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