Why we took a break

if you people want to send us something our PO box is
5090 Richmond Ave 432 Houston, Texas 77056


  1. hey you can come over hurr while he’s takin a break knowmehsaying?

  2. You guys moved in together too soon that simple

  3. “buttercup” stop i love yalll

  4. People are just haters… do you and dont let anyone get you guys down!

  5. Julian u can’t take a break u guys we’re to sexy for each other and y’all were good ass couple

  6. Stephanie Khan- Rodriguez

    lmaooo ya seriously believe this? it’s clearly clout chasing lmaooooo. ya here being lab rats while they home probably chillin making that bank cause of u dummies 🤣🤣🤣

  7. No one cares

  8. i once heard that if the bond is real it’ll always work out ❤y’all can get thru anything

  9. Who are you and why am I here? Okay bye. Made it just enough into your video to write this comment. Bye now 🙂

  10. Hope y’all get back together!

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