Why Wall Street Is Buying So Many U.S. Homes

Some Washington D.C. lawmakers want to place limits on Wall Street’s role in the housing market. In recent years, a tiny but powerful group of companies purchased hundreds of thousands of homes in sunbelt-region suburbs. These homes are according to tradition a critical investment for American households. But increasing home prices are shutting would-be homebuyers out of the market. In the meantime, monetary groups are profiting from increasing rents while their subsidiaries build little amounts of new standalone homes in the U.S.

Since the early 2010s, Tricon Residential, Progress Residential, American Homes 4 Rent, Invitation Homes have each purchased thousands of homes. They have in addition added to the housing supply in some cases with built-for-rent communities.Some of these corporations are financed by private equity firms like Blackstone and investment managers like Pretium Partners.

“It is nearly a captive market” stated Jordan Ash, director of Labor-Jobs and Housing at the Private Equity Stakeholder Project. “They have been really explicit about how folks are shut out of the homebuying market and are going to be perpetual renters.”

These calls come after savage housing inflation hit many Sun Belt states, which includes Texas, Florida and Georgia, as reported by the National Association of Realtors. 

By 2030, the associations may hold some 7.6 million homes, or more than 40% of all single-family leases on the market, as reported by the 2022 predict by MetLife Investment Management.

Watch the video clip above to study about the increase and future of corporate landlords in the United States.

01:28 — Chapter 1: Landlords
05:02 — Chapter 2: Housing stock
07:55 — Chapter 3: Homebuying
09:46 — Chapter 4: Solutions

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Why Wall Street Is Buying So Many U.S. Homes


  1. Lily prob went to a church retrete mom wants me to chase after her no money for happiness
    She bought a car

  2. Rename it to rise of the corporate overlords. Say good bye to the American dream you all cause these leeches will own it all soon.

  3. well unregulated capitalism. Destroys housing cost, medical, education. All necessities to have a better life being controlled and manipulated by greedy corporations.

  4. this is the last year i rent period! i would rather live in a camper than set my paycheck on fire to give my money away to these assholes!

  5. Same guys that rave free market and Capitilism works. Its a matter of time for the collapase my fellow americans.

  6. United States is a corporation that is under the UK rule. Look up the Bar Association. The FED is owned & operated by the City of London via Rothschild. And Blackrock is poised to grab a lot more in the up & coming collapse of the dollar its foreclosure city.

  7. It’s an agenda to control ppl. What is happening in America. Government buying farms foreigners buying farms. Now this. We being replaced or what?
    We get harassed daily buy calls and mail wanting to buy our home. 🏡

  8. All this talk about Single-Family Homes – building more of these aren’t the solution, especially long-term. Just how much bigger are we going to make Suburbia where new transport infrastructure (usually freeways that’ll clog in a few years) will be needed?

    It is time some building laws and restrictions need to go to favor Low to Mid-Rise Apartment buildings to house more people, especially close to Downtown and City Cores where there is a higher chance of Public Transportation already being available nearby. Politicians for a long time always argue that there isn’t enough Density to make Public Transportation work. Well, the fix is to build more Apartment Towers by building on empty lots or even knocking down old Single-Family Homes to build more Apartments. Once you add more Density, it makes Public Transportation more attractive since it’ll encourage more ridership over owning a Car and paying even more in Gas.

  9. This monopoly basically. A nightmare

  10. Darnell Capriccioso

    Great video! For 2023, it’s hard to nail down specific predictions for the housing market is because it’s not yet clear how quickly or how much the Federal Reserve can bring down inflation and borrowing costs without tanking buyer demand for everything from homes to cars.

    • There is no greater freedom than handing back the key to a airbnb apartment knowing someone else has to maintain it. If you enjoy renovating and decorating then perhaps home ownership is for you. For me, property is another way we get tied down and outside of exceptional cases I’d rather invest in Stocks/REITS to get exposure to real estate and other investment opportunities.

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