Why the Path of Exile Community is Very Upset

A summary of the concerns and community reaction encircling Path of Exile’s 3.19 Lake of Kalandra expansion – August 2022 – Harvest, Loot Drops, Tainted Currency, Archnemesis Rares & developer communication.

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Lake of Kalandra Rewards
2:04 – Archnemesis Rares
4:30 – Harvest Revamp
6:09 – Beyond and Tainted Currency
7:27 – Loot Drops
8:17 – GGGs Response
10:35 – Why People Are Upset with the Response


  1. Everything about the presentation of the situation to the levelheadedness that you broke it down with is genuinely impressive. Your advice at the end really hit home too. Well done.

  2. i heard something about reduced loot within poe.
    Considering i haven’t touched the game in quite a few leagues, especially since D2R came out.
    And my initial thought was, well, thats more reason to not want to come back.
    Leagues were incredibly boring from the heists, to the alchemist league with the body parts as drops.
    Good luck to them.

  3. Ur came is evil came in hestry

  4. I stopped playing a while ago and was going to leaguestart this one with a friend who I recently learned played, but a family reunion took precedence. Despite not playing for some time, I stayed subscribed to your channel and followed the game through you because I appreciated the ethical approach you have to your online entertainment business. While the game may be in flux, I’m happy to see that you are a levelheaded and ethically self aware as ever. I like the cut of your jib sir.

  5. mad respect bro valid info and straight to the point i just stumbled by this video randomly only played this game like once or twice when it first came out but damn you done good

  6. 誰でも大好き

    GGG = the next Blizzard

  7. They are upset because they looked in the mirror and realized they are spotty, overweight virgins.

  8. Very nice video, calm and collected yet still clearly upset at all these terrible changes.

    A little addendum to all of you stepping away from the game and media around it. When you come back, remember to first check out the league before buying into the hype train. The only power we have as consumers is pretty much the money we spend before and at league launch

  9. I’d like to say that Ziggy’s response is spot on, and as professional as they come. Maybe Chris and the rest of GGG will wake up and listen to the community. what they have done makes the game incredibly unfun…
    Not to mention Ultra Widescreen users getting screwed with gigantic black bars….
    It still needs to be fixed, but some of us found a way to circumvent with a mod to undo this change, been using for 3 days now, and if I get banned for it, that will be the end of my support for this game and any of its predecessors

  10. Thanks Ziggy. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

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