Why Switzerland Has 374,142 Bunkers (and likely more)

Searching for Switzerland’s Hidden Mountain Fortresses
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I went to Switzerland to hunt for bunkers, something I’ve been planning and dreaming about for years. The outcome was not just a wild trip through the mountains. It was a finding of something much deeper: the tale of this weird country and the price and benefits of selecting neutrality.

See you there!
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  1. I’m keeping an eye out for signs that the world’s wealthy people have gone AWOL. If many of them turn up ‘missing’, they’ve likely scurried off to their massive, underground bunkers to ride out the conflagration they’ve been pre-warned is imminent.

  2. Someone please tell those Swiss people about Moria…

  3. Neutral but happy to accept that sweet sweet nazi gold

  4. So that’s why Swiss Cheese has so many holes…

  5. Bigredfitnessmoshe

    This content would be so much better if he stopped making himself the star. All thes close ups of his face.. Just do a voiceover and let the content be the star.

  6. The bunker at 17:40 , i went camping in that cave with friends once. Maybe you saw our writings on the stones there. Incredible view in the morning there! 10/10 would sleep there again

  7. You have no idea how disappointed I was to see the Zurich airport too away my yellow wrench caption. I love souvenirs like that.

  8. New subscriber here:) I just wanted to let you know that I binged ALL your videos on here and your work is absolutely phenomenal and breath-taking!

  9. Dont forget little Lichtenstein

  10. Wo sind Mini schwizer soldate

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