Why SpaceX Cares About Concrete

How does concrete stack up against rocket engines?

When a launch or landing pad fails, it can be worse than if it was not there at all, constructing high-speed projectiles that put at risk the safety of the automobile and its support equipment, not to mention its crew. It is a pleasant reminder that even the humblest provision here in the world – a solid, flat, and durable surface – is an absolute luxury on another planet and of the significance of infrastructure in our interplanetary quests.

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  1. Practical Engineering

    @David Zapata Hey David – I changed the title of the original video once based on feedback I was getting from the viewers who were more interested in the SpaceX angle. Sorry for any confusion!

  2. I’d have been interested to see a subsequent test subjecting each concrete to several heating cycles, to see if repeated launches would deteriorate the pad further.

  3. Hey my comment disappeared I guess flagged as spam (erroneously) any chance you can restore it please?

  4. “I’m Grady, and this is Practical Engineering.”

    Is it tho? This channel went from Post 10 to Wernher von Braun pretty quick!

    Ignore my shitpost though; this channel is top-tier.

  5. Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks

    So glad you decided to cover some of the awesome engineering going on at Boca Chica. To me the space port build is more interesting than the actual rocket.

  6. What they care about is the interests of their investors.

  7. 12:48 I love this fresh part of the video.

  8. Thanks

  9. Starship? Is it capable of visiting other stars?

  10. A launch platform reminds me of a big ceramic cooking pan

  11. it’s weird to see hydraulic press videos without a strong finnish accent accompanying it….

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