Why Russia Isn’t Actually Collapsing

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  1. Watch this video’s next part covering the ongoing Battle of Bakhmut on Nebula here: https://nebula.tv/videos/reallifelore-modern-conflicts-the-battle-of-bakhmut

    • @No_guard_X definitely not a “internet celebrity” tho 🤣 you just exposed yourself as a simp by calling him a internet celebrity 🤓😂

    • Russian Reich = я русский дети 👈 YouTube.

    • 😅

    • @Kuro UsagiCash reserve??? Keep dreaming man. If that was the only thing Russia has, then it would be far too easy to make it fall. Just declare the serial numbers of the cash that Russia has as fake money and boom, 90% of all stores and banks will stop accepting it and it because useless paper.
      No, Russian economy won’t collapse because Russia has too much natural resources. Unlike countries like Germany who has almost nothing: No iron, no coal, no oil, no gas, no gold mines and has to buy it all else where. Russia has tons and gigatons of the stuff on its lands. So much that blocking it from the world market will have the opposite effect then what is desired: Instead of starving it will starve the world.
      Sadly most humans in the world appear to be too stupid to understand this simple fact. So if you are one of those that lacks the brain cells to understand what will happen to the world when blocking trades with the nation that has the most resources on earth…. Well i give up, because there is no way you’d ever understand. It’d be like trying to teach the difference between red and blue to a blind man.

  2. Iron Gears - Heavy Construction Machine

    Wagner’s coup was like the textbook example “if you’re going to fight for the king, don’t miss it”

  3. As a citizen of EU, I would gladly support increased financial and military aid to Ukraine from EU.

    Even if it meant slower economic development of EU. We can delay construction of some railway, bridges, tunnels or roads in EU (we already have best infrastructure networks in the world) by a couple of years in order to fund the increase of Ukrainian military might.

    Freedom is non-negotiable!

  4. ReaLifeLore this might be your WORST video. First you can find any article predicting any click bait at any point in time yes that doesn’t mean a single thing and is a literal time filler for ads. You really compare his aproval rating and their economic statistics like they use the same metrics just has honestly as other countries AND that they even apply given the policies and strategies of a Totalitarian regime vs a democratic one. Then you start talking about Europe’s problekms, again irrelevant to the video title. You also assume they follow democratic military procedures like paying your soldiers many of them they don’t. you then talk about how china and india buy their oil now from russia which is a bad thing, but you say china buy’s it cheaper which means russia IS losing money and the sanctions are working. Its good for china but bad for russia, and the video is about russia. Oil war content very good for me, good insight. I heard the chips they buy are like low grade and aren’t as good but I should do more research. OH GOD you just said were giving them billions of dollars. We give Old military equipment, it increases our ability to produce more cuz the machines start going again, it increases the demand for other countries to buy it, and the whole point of the equipment is to shoot russia. Your population numbers I am skeptical of, didn’t mention the people who left and that they are prime aged working people not social security retirees. Troops aren’t just numbers they need training, pay and equipment. DOUBT putin can replace soldiers better than Ukraine. Idk why ur still talking about Ukraine and its reconstruction this isn’t russia related. Even if ukraine wins blah blah dude ur video title is about russia. I’m sorry but this comes across as looking for reasons for russia doomerism like why are you including this this isn’t war related its just to make the west feel hopeless about ukraine. Maybe they will lose the western supply if people think urkaine will “Certainly lose a long grinding attrition” bro russia loses that too and we mostly are anti russia more than we are pro rebuilding a country in europe. I like your videos, if you are a viewer and you read this don’t think this guy’s channel is bad, but wow this video really dissapointed me. Another like this and ill start doubting this channel’s credibility and I am certainly not buying nebula if I get a 50 minute video titled about how russia will survive and it’s filled with ukraine doomerism like this isn’t about rebuilding a country.

  5. 14.26 – Bandera’s nazi red-black flag. I feel ofended, please, remove it.

  6. Ukraine is only in this fight because American government is stealing and r*ping us to keep them in the fight

  7. Easy for Putin to have a high approval rating when disapproval means trouble… Kim Jong Un would have a 100% approval if he wanted to.

  8. So while the Saudis and other Arab nations are reforming their economies to pivot away from oil, Russia is going all-in with no backup plan? Sounds risky, since in 20-30 years, oil usage will decline to mostly only industrial and military applications which will bankrupt Russia unless they find some alternative industries to leverage. But Russia sucks at everything except oil… so good luck?

  9. At a guess I’d say that Kim Jong Un tops them all with a 100% approval rating 😂

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