Why Planes Don’t Fly Faster

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Sound by Graham Haerther

Seventies top quality photo courtesy British Airways and used under fair use restrictions
Concorde interior photograph courtesy ravas51
British Airways First Class Photo courtesy TravelingOtter
British Airways Business Class Photo courtesy Peter McCarthy and Tony Kent

“Prelude No. 7” and “Prelude No. 14” by Chris Zabriskie

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  1. lots of mistakes here….Fake engine news…. Efficiency is related to the impulse to the air. In other words, the faster the air moves backwards the less efficient it is. Hence large fans that push lots of air at lower impulse.

    Speed cost money. You can beat an airliner from Boston to LA 2666 miles with only 320 mph speed if you can go door to door avoiding the TSA and drive to airport. Hence lower speeds save money and by making the airplane roadable you can save money and time.

    Think of this: Run on Natural Gas ($1/gallon) and use a prop driven airplane (max efficiency due to low impulse) that is 60% (working on that engine). You can go 2100 miles for….$33.00. Think about it. Four people, 2100 miles at 160 mph. If you fly 254 mph you can do it for $83.00 Lot less than an airliner ticket.

  2. Godamnit dude. I cannot look past the incorrect things you say in this video..The three main types of aircraft engines and you don’t even refer to piston engines. I mean no office Wendover, but I struggle to seem how you expect learned people to take you seriously when you report completely untrue statements such as this. I understand that many people do not know about the inconsistencies in this video. but, cmon man, that’s no excuse…

  3. what stops me from flying is not cost but super anxiety about hights falling out of the sky and closterfobia space cramp

  4. AmericanLifeVideos

    Nice narration. Enjoyed this video.

  5. A clear and well made video indeed.

  6. Thank you for using the word “exponentially” properly.

  7. Correction at 2:45, most of the thrust from a turbofan engine actually comes from the bypass air and not the core.

  8. Why do we fly slower now-a-days vs. the 60’s and what not? Uh……. 9/11 lol

  9. wrong data about turbo fans. The majority of thrust is produced by the fan

  10. Everything on this video is completely wrong.

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