Why People Are Freaking Out About Jaclyn Hill & Jojo Siwa, An Alabama Law Controversy, & Russia

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Difficulties with JoJo Siwa and Jaclyn Hill Products:


  1. Philip DeFranco

    Ooo look timecodes:
    JoJo Siwa and Jaclyn Hill Products (00:06), Axios Report (3:56), TIA (5:09), Alabama Law (7:27), Russian Journalist Released (10:49)

    • *Philip DeFranco*  Once a person decides to harm another person, be it child, youth, adult or senior. Especially for sexual gratification or tying them up & using them for whatever perverse idea enters their brain. They lose the right to be treated fairly. They didn’t give their victims a choice, so why should they, in turn, get the choice to be treated humanely?  ?

    • Philip DeFranco there’s actually a petition on change.org seeking to have the FDA investigate Jaclyn cosmetics. Last time I checked yesterday they had over 8,000 signatures with the goal set to 10,000.

    • First of all… REgarding the poll showing the disparity between what people say they wish to consume content wise vs.what they actually do between different, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation…. What they wish to consume isn’t either being provided in an engaging way, accurately or just flat-out not as often. Aside from the fact that companies push the clickbaity stories and we all know this, seeing a disparity between these two things isn’t surprising and I think it has more to do with what I mentioned that people just fucking lying or being subconsciously wrong about what they say they want. You know who else tried this very same fucking line? Blizzard in regards to Classic WoW…. Yeah, that should say enough.

    • 2nd’ Well we could just forego the whole chemical castration for the sex offenders and just literally execute everyone who’s sexually assaulted someone under the age of 12- 10. I think that’s the better option. Fuck those monsters, they are evil, and I will not feel sorry for the pure embodiment of evil in human form.

    • 8:45 the only issue i can see with is an innocent person being wrongfully convicted but im so down for thisthey are worried about the sex offender how about the kids that where forever scared and hurt

  2. Low budget productions

    The game of the day seems a bit.. biased.

  3. I think this is complete b******* if someone has raped a child under 13 they should stay in jail. I don’t trust or feel comfortable with inmates being on parole that have done such a crime. I don’t understand why we are even looking at options for them to be on parole or to get on parole sooner. And not only that I’ve read articles that says this s*** don’t work all that great.

  4. Hey Phil, are you going to cover the situation in Hong Kong? I think it’s an important moment Asia and the world

  5. There’s gotta be some chance the Russia story is an elaborate PR move…arrest a prominent journalist, and then have the police force walk everything back and promise “accountability” in order to regain the world’s trust. Meanwhile, the overall levels of corruption and persecution of journalism and free expression will likely remain the same. These are the same tactics used by the Soviets.

  6. About that chemical castration for sex offenders, since parole can’t be denied because they can’t afford the pills, yet if they don’t take them they’ll go back to jail, doesn’t one cancel the other one out? And they don’t even know if it works. I still think they’d save alot of money if they just went the Lorena Bobbet route. And that works.

  7. Phil the news I care about is what cute anime girls are in the next anime I watch.

  8. Or… here me out, we could just throw child molesters/rapists into volcanoes. Just a thought.

  9. Wink TartanBelle

    Nothing brings the average adult back to earth faster than a 5 year old.

  10. What even is asbestis

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