Why More People Go To MLB Games Than Any Other Sport


  1. Lots of jays footage here 🙂

  2. yarrrthekraken

    This is without question my favorite channel on YouTube, and it isn’t close.

  3. Pacavelli 1974

    162 Games, thats Y……. End of discussion, didnt even watch

  4. Mlb season is 162 games, duh.

  5. They play more games, duh.

  6. Samuel Rosario

    Same thing happens with the TV ratings. Many people want to kill baseball with false idea that ”baseball is dying”, however, if you check the ratings in cities where there’s both an MLB and an NBA games, in almost all the cases (except for Miami, Dallas and Bay Area) the MLB team is more watched than the NBA team. In some cases it is watched 3-6 times more (Houston and NY for example).

    MLB is strong and will continue to be so!


  7. Come to a game in Philly and you will see how the ushers will make you move back to your seat if you even just slide down 1. Saw it happen 2 weeks ago at a Phillies game. Everyone around us couldn’t believe it . It was the 5th inning clearly the seat was empty lol.

  8. Well, if every single baseball game was sold out, every single game, that would be 160 million attendees in the course of a year. There were 60 million last year. That’s more than 60% vacancy.

    Basketball’s total is 22 million. They had 3% vacancy.

    NHL was also around 3% vacancy.

    NFL was around 1% vacancy

    But tell me again how major league baseball is drawing more fans. They play twice as many games as basketball and hockey, and 10 times more games than the NFL.

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