Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business

Potato farmers in Idaho and Montana are demolishing millions of potatoes. Eating place closures on account of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a glut, and now, billions of pounds of potatoes are stuck in the supply chain. It is caused unheard of monetary losses, food waste, and emotional upheaval for farmers whose livelihood relies on their crops.


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Why Millions Of Potatoes Are Being Thrown Away During The Pandemic | Big Business


  1. can’t they be donated?

  2. mangoes are delicious

    america is so trash at reusing their organic trash. what happened to innovation and genius and ability to create amazing tech? isn’t it a really prosperous country with a booming gdp?

  3. Seriously? They just can’t use the potatoes for dry food and send it to countries in need? 😐

  4. If you have a truck to take it to a dump, why couldn’t you use that same truck to donate the potatoes somehow. I know if you put online an extremely cheap price I’d buy it straight from the source and you could of helped me out by shipping it to me at a cheaper price. You could of reached out to organizations who needed it. But everyone is so worried about money. Your $20 has a HANGED man on the back yet you worship that. I’m sure there were ways to get that devil money you worship so much in your pocket with these potatoes since thats all your talking about here.

  5. Ah yes. They’re trying to take away our food. That’s a step in establishing a socialist state.

  6. cApItAliSm iS eFfECiEnT

  7. Alessio Vicario

    …Meanwhile in Africa…

  8. Suicidal frog BOI

    Going there to get fries

  9. Human around the world is dying due to hunger. And shame of policies that tons of food get wasted

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