Why Magnus Carlsen Quit

After a sensational loss the day before today, Magnus Carlsen has withdrawn from the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. Hikaru is live to give his thoughts on it.

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  1. 4d chess: Nepo made this up to get Magnus to withdraw so his loss was erased

    5D Chess: Hans didn’t cheat but acted intentionally sus to tilt Magnus since he was his biggest competition in winning the tournament

    6D chess: Levy and Hikaru spread the rumor to juice chess numbers after the decline from the Covid boom

    7D chess: Magnus actually has a secret wife and she’s in labor so he flew back to Norway to see the birth of Magnus Jr., but his wife made him swear not to reveal anything until the baby was born

  2. I have a student who was a champion chess player for his age group in Madrid, and he gave me his Lichess account, and when I finally got around to connecting with him, he had been kicked out for cheating.

    I couldn’t help but give the class a lecture about the massive reputational damage incurred by lying and cheating your way through life, and that people always, eventually, get caught.

  3. mi pesa ogni secondo

    he’s obviously feeling ashamed just look at the way he put his hand over his face during the interview,this he indicates shame

  4. Can someone explain how did he cheat playing there instead of online? Did he have a mic or… ?

    • Hi. I don’t know but it wouldn’t be impossible.. he was searched though so he wouldn’t have had a wire. But someone could have assisted him somehow. So we should definitely jump straight to the worst conclusions possible and potentially get this guy blacklisted from all big chess events

    • @Michael Carroll how can someone assist him while there is only magnus and hans playing alone?

  5. Oh the Drama!

  6. look man the things said upset Hans, you got to remember he is only 19. His interview you could tell he was totally upset to the point of nearly breaking down. An apology would be the right thing to do unless you have clear evidence that he cheated, which I don’t think you do.

    • Agree, same with Magnus. Don’t know why they would do this to him, even if he was cheating you deal with it professionally i.e. discreetly (not jumping on twitter and milking scandal for youtube content)

  7. 1:40 Is this really a device to detect electronic devices!!! I thought it was a sheep’s hair clipper😅😅😅

  8. 1:40 Yes, with this sheep hair clipper device, players should feel safe😅😅😅

  9. Guys he cheated when he was outside and looked at the cloud formations tht told him magnuses prep.

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