Why Magnesium Fires are SO BAD!

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  1. fail of a video…… should have shown the different methods of putting out metal fire, being as you said a b rated extinguisher, and what other people are taught of is the only thing you can do is put sand on it. And also you should have dropped into a tank of water to see what happens with a lack of o2.

  2. The Real Mythril

    Can you compare Magnesium to White Phosphor?

  3. “No officer, I have no idea how the neighbors house burned down.”

  4. She laughs a-lot am i right

  5. You should make thors hammer from avrngers

  6. Swegernaut jenkins

    What would happen if you put molten magnesium in a body of water?

  7. We use magnessiun in class with hydrochloric acid and it turns to hydrogen

  8. heres an idea, let me sling white hot Mg on this guy…. YOU PEASANT! lmao


    Hei tekor

  10. What happens if u throw burning magnesium into a bucket of water

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