Why Is Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer SO AWESOME?! (Part 2/2)

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This is part 2 of my Halo Unending Multiplayer review! Where I mostly discuss the positives and terrific inventions that 343i have made. In spite of the lackluster content, Infinite is a stellar Halo title. The foundation is laid and I can not wait to look at what is built on top of it.

Introduction – 0:00
Infinite Is Fun – 3:37
Performance, Movement, Controls – 5:10
Visuals & Art Style – 8:21
Weapons & Balance – 10:29
Player Collision & Equipment – 20:53
Assault Rifle Starts Are… OK?? – 23:33
Vehicles – 25:38
BTB, Maps & Map Design – 30:26
Conclusion – 37:06



  1. 🤖 Install Mech Arena for FREE here ✅ https://clik.cc/uIYUu and get a special starter pack to help kickstart your game!

    Despite my criticisms, the gameplay for Infinite nails that 30 seconds of fun with GUSTO! The foundation is laid and I can’t wait to see what is built on top of it. I’ll be waiting, 343i… Patiently…

  2. The storm rifle was awesome. Change my mind

  3. Does the grind ever get better? ;_;

  4. Is gud gaem.

  5. Trying to get back into 343’s good graces after trashing them in your last video, eh? Haha.

    Love ya acting male!

  6. The only good thing about drop wall is when u time it and save yourself from a rocket and get the medal

  7. The repoulser is probably my second favorite thing in the game first is the grapple hook and holy shit the grapple is insain but the repoulser can deflect tank shots rockets skewer shots plasma pistol charge shots anything that’s a projectile AND U CAN USE IT FOR MOVEMENT

  8. Man has the biggest hickie

  9. I don’t see it as fun. It’s still incomplete with all the other game modes missing, the forge, PVE, and they can’t add anything outside of that “nu” rotation method Call of Duty does where they will bring back a classic mode just for the reason. they can’t add a static mode without the UI breaking. Don’t get me started on the microtransactions.

    They detached this from the campaign for a reason and i believe they should’ve kept it in the oven for another year to make this game a complete package. I also don’t believe the standalone campaign should be $60. if there isn’t a price reduction I’ll just watch some youtube walkthrough or something.

  10. 27:22 It wasn’t 2 sniper shots. You got killed by a Skewer, but I agree the vehicles do feel very fragile.

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