Why Iran is Massively Backing Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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  1. here a little while

    The world is too rich, when mankind had to find a way to feed his self and feed his family he didn’t have time for all this, now too rich shows how screwed up people are, war and piety arguments are so easy to grow. Mankind is destructive!

  2. I’d admit I needed to watch this video multiple times before I got a grasp of things.

  3. Hakeem Mohamed

    What kind of stupid fake propaganda show is this? Lol funny how these videos can influence idiot’s

  4. I’d like to correct a small mistake at 9:13 , Khomeini seized power from the shah not khamanei

  5. Im trying to figure out what the end game is for all these countries.? Seems like everyone is fighting for the rights to sell one another oil and supplies, I think diplomacy is a much easier and quicker way to achieve this goal. It sucks that so many innocent civilians have to pay the price for such a stupid problem.

  6. Eli Wolkenstein

    U fail to mention that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization

  7. Artem O. Shapovaloff

    Yet another mad bloody Axis of Evil. And will be defeated and demolished as like as the previous one. Brave Ukrainian soldiers and our allies are defending the whole Civilization against those Asiatic hordes right now. And it might be only the beginning as the Axis of Evil takes its shape with every single day.

  8. The leader of the Islamic revolution was Khoimeini, not Khamenei. Khamenei is the present leader. It really undermines your credibility when you get those two confused.

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