Why Indiana Left the Podcast – Dropouts #141

Many of you have been asking where Indiana has been lately… on this week’s episode she comes on to explain why she’s been gone and what happened. This is a sensitive and complicated situation for us so we ask that you please remember that behind the faces on your screens there are three very real people, with very real emotions.

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  1. The fact that she’s taking accountability. That’s a lot. My ex did a lot of the same things to me, but she won’t even admit she did them, let alone apologize. I felt so angry watching this, it hit really close to home.

  2. This is a great example of how victims of abuse can become abusers themselves. I really hope Indi continues to get the help she needs, but far away from Zach and Jared.

  3. Jeri Robertson Henderson

    The vulnerability in this episode was moving. I wish you all the best ❤

  4. I saw this on trending and clicked on it. I don’t even watch this podcast, but I found it incredibly helpful. I can totally relate to what Indiana has been going through. I need to be more patient with others and, most importantly, myself.

  5. As someone who survived an abusive relationship, thank you for talking about this. This is so real

  6. I love Indie for admitting what happened to her in the past and how it is affecting her in her other relationships she tries to move forward because she is wanting to be better

  7. So Zach was fully 25 when Indiana was turning 18?

  8. “He broke in and made a mess of my house… I didn’t know how to get him out… Jared cleaned it up…” umm police?? The fact that she called Zach instead of 911 shows she was still defending the guy. She more than likely wouldn’t go on a date with Jared, but she’ll sneak out with, lie for, and for sure sleep with the other guy. What a joke

  9. The short; Indiana is a sloot leading guys on pitying herself while Zach and Jared are adults.

  10. Sending a lots of love to you three as you navigate these turbulent times.❤

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