Why I’m Coming Out As Gay

Behind the scenes of Eugene Lee Yang’s coming out video clip, “I’m Gay:” a never-before-seen look inside the brain of a young artist and his complex, dark struggles with his identity, his work, his public personality, and his private life.

A documentary video clip by Kane Diep @kanediep

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  1. This the most extra coming out video the world has ever seen. Also explains why Eugene was having a mental breakdown in the smosh video

  2. Grant Werkhoven


  3. You should just commit suicide

  4. So beautiful. Thank you Eugene

  5. I’m really glad this video was made. What a wonderful way to help all of the communities Eugene is apart of while producing a wonderful work of art. Posting the description of each scene was amazing to read because it really shows how much emotion went into this project if someone could not tell from the video.

  6. This was so beautiful. Thank you Eugene. ❤

  7. Eugene is so brave, I’m so proud of him for being who he wants to be, and doing it in such a creative way ?

  8. Was Eugene bisexual before and now is sure that he is gay ?

  9. Eugene.
    I love you.

    We love you.
    And that’s really all to it.

    I hope you see this comment, and I hope it brightens your day. (Just like how any video of yours brightens mine)

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